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Source Leaders
Source Leaders
Source Leaders
List of Source Leaders
Qualities of a Source Leader
Qualities of a Source Leader for the Performance Center

Source leaders are:

Has a high degree of self-understanding for their life calling or purpose. Works to seek refinement of this purpose and alignment with daily work. Openly shares current comprehension/discernment of purpose with others, searching for attunement of energies between self and others.

Thinking Systemically
Sees organizations and situations from an altitude, thus allowing for a deeper understanding. Looks, finds and expresses connections within and between systems that are not obvious. Further embodies systemic thinking into an “at cause” attitude, seeing personal bearing on all of life’s workings.

Has the ability to put into action life’s purpose. Discovers paths to move forward in work and value added activities without dependence upon external motivation or hierarchical guidance.

A Builder of Relationships
Understands that business is about relationships and therefore, gains considerable skills in building and growing relationships. Leads with energy and positive in nature. Attractive to others and desired company. Highly developed communication skills.

Intellectually Curious
Has a strong appetite to understand the big picture, the greater. Employs systemic as well as creative approaches to discovery. Has joy when learning, has exultation when effectively applying learnings. Reads! Engages in discovery dialogue.

Service Oriented
Reaches out to others in an empowering manner. Demonstrates the desire and ability to move people ahead in their world along their described calling. Pursues system improvements for the sake of having better serving organizations; organizations that serve customers, stakeholders, and owners.

Skilled in Organizational Effectiveness
Has a well-developed skill in increasing organizational value, internal and external to TPC. Knows how to manifest sustainable organizational improvement. Recognized as an expert in a particular field or aspect of organizational improvement.


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