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Source Leaders
Source Leaders
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 The Performance Center is a community that, at its core, is constituted by “source” leaders. Source leaders are people attracted to the mission and vision of the Performance Center who declare themselves as generative forces in leading the organization, accountable for the fulfillment of its mission, and committed designers of the unfolding future of the organization. Source leaders are expected to participate in programs, such as our Annual Advance and the monthly Center Day meeting. In addition, source leaders generate a written life plan and commit to relating to one another based on one another’s purpose, vision and goals. Source leaders set the direction of the community and commit to action any number of ways, including participation on the Board, organizing our public education programs and inspiring community involvement.

Leaders of our community are highly effective with extensive academic and/or practical experience in a variety of disciplines. We are interdisciplinary--utilizing best practices from industrial engineering, organizational psychology, and business management to enable organizations and individuals to significantly improve performance. Our source leaders have expertise in measurement systems; strategic management; process management; total quality management; organizational trust; leadership; project management; operations management and high performance work systems. In addition, several members of our community have expertise in community design, public engagement and generative group process. Several source leaders of the Performance Center are widely published in journals dedicated to management, executive leadership and total quality management.
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