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Source Leaders
Source Leaders
Source Leaders
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Judith Aftergut
The Honoring Institute
P.O. 8676
Portland, OR 97207
Phone 503-246-5465

John Blakinger

Goaba Mosienyane
Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: (267) 319-0142

Leslie Copland

P.O. Box 69403
Portland, OR 97201 USA

Linda Crafts
Cumulus Resources LLC
PO Box 560
Molalla, Oregon 97038-0560
Office: 503 829-4995
Fax: 503 829-8554

Toni Doolen
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

Marla Hacker
Oregon State University

Cascades Campus
2600 N.W. College Way
Bend, Oregon 97701-5998
Phone: 541-322-3133
Fax: 541-383-7501

Craig Eshelman
Westside Church
Bend, OR

Stephen Hacker
Transformation Systems International, LLC

3499 NW Conrad Dr.
Bend, OR 97701

Jesse Remer Henderson
Mother Tree Doula Services

PO Box 14100

James Lussier
St Charles Medical Center
Bend, OR

Shauna Alexander Mohr

Phone: 503-250-1767

Larry Norvell
The Delta Society
Seattle, WA

Mark Maggiora
The NW Networking Group

P.O. Box 5888
Vancouver, WA 98668 USA

Elias Magosi
Gaborone, Botswana

Milt Markewitz
Organizational Learning Center

3001 NW Fairfax Terrace
Portland, OR 97210 USA

Roy Perryman
Perryman Consulting

4040 Copperglen SE
Salem, OR 97302 USA
Phone(503) 559-6373

Tammy Roberts
Transformation Systems International, LLC

1722 NE Clackamas St
Portland, OR 97232 USA

Walt Roberts
Learning Search Design

1722 NE Clackamas St
Portland, OR 97232 USA

Al Siebert
The Resiliency Center

P.O. Box 505
Portland, OR 97207 USA
Phone(503) 289-3295

Ken Smith
Strategic Directions, LLC

5500 Holmes Run Parkway, #1116
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone 703-751-2830
Fax 703-751-6603

Ed Warnock
Cumulus Resources LLC
PO Box 560
Molalla, Oregon 97038-0560

Marvin Washington
Assistant Professor of Physical Education & Recreation
and Strategic Management & Organization Faculties
W1-16E Van Vliet Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB T6G 2H9 Canada
Phone 780-492-2311

Marsha Willard
AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc

2515 NE 17th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212
Phone: 503-284-9132
Fax: 503-287-0112

Brad Wooten
P.O. Box#5738
River Forest, IL 60305-5738
Phone 708-466-5141
Fax 815-886-4331

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